Cherish 8.5×11 Layout


     Another 8.5×11 layout! Yes, I am really trying to embrace them. I even went a bought an album specifically for them, whereas before I was kinda planning on just putting them in my extra 12×12 Project Life plastics. But no! I bought them their own album!
     This page is a pretty direct scrap-lift of this layout. Unfortunately, I feel like it just doesn’t live up to its inspiration! I am still figuring out what size of picture is best for 8.5×11 pages.
     Oh, and I had to do the type-written journaling on another sheet of paper because I kinda didn’t remember it until everything was already glued down, lol. I really need to keep journaling in the front of my mind when I am designing, so I can avoid issues like that!

So Much Snow 8.5×11 Layout


     Soooo….my first-EVER 8.5×11 layout! And I don’t totally hate it, which is a good start, lol.

     The reason I have been sticking with smaller layouts is two-fold:
       A) They’re easier to share and store.
       B) Larger layouts intimidated me.

     This weekend, totally on a whim, I went with 8.5×11 and just…did it. And I did have to think about it a lot, because most of my embellishments are so tiny. I have focused almost entirely on buying Project Life-sized bits and bobs, so trying to find something that would be “visible” on a larger page was a little tough.
     Luckily….this gives me a reason to buy more embellishments, right? Haha!

Adventure & Fun 6×6 Layout

     Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am not a hiker. I actually don’t own any tennis shoes. Because if I can’t wear my glittery flats there, I’m not going there. And that’s pretty much how I live my life.

     However, in 2012, a friend asked me to go to the Garlic Festival near Woodstock, NY. It sounded interesting (and it was…), so I went. The Garlic Festival is…a sight to see. Garlic-scented candles, garlic-flavored ice cream….and even garlic donuts. Garlic jelly! It was quite the event.
     Part of the adventure was seeing the Kaaterskill Falls, in the Catskill Mountains. Which involved hiking. Which, as previously stated, I don’t really do. So, here’s a layout with a rare sight: Me, hiking. And yes, those are glittery Toms knock-offs I am wearing. They were are the closest thing I have to tennis shoes!

Typewriter 6×6 Layout

     Is it weird to journal about your typewriter using your typewriter?
     I hope not, because it’s the reason I bought the damn thing, haha! So I could journal on my layouts and especially on my Project Life cards without feeling like my handwriting was…ruining it.
     And I absolutely love the way it looks on Project Life cards. It’s very easy to control where it is going to type. I even typed on a picture the other day! It didn’t smear or bleed or anything.
It may be obvious by now, but I am definitely enjoying this thing.

Mom Clause Layout at

Mom Clause 6×6 Layout

     My mom and I have always been very close. She’s just cool, and she thinks I am cool. She’s very supportive, creative, and has a great sense of humor. What more could you ask for?

Anyway, one of the more impressive things she’s done is volunteer to be Mrs. Clause in our hometown. She did it yearly for a while, visiting senior centers, schools, workplaces, community Christmas events, and was even commissioned to do private parties!

     She did a lot of research into the history of Santa Clause, and even the various first names that have been given to Mrs. Clause in TV and movies, in case someone asked what her first name was. She had a special phone number that people could call, so she could identify if she needed to be “Mrs. Clause” when she answered. All in all, she took it very seriously, without taking herself seriously at all!
     The picture above is one of my favorites of her as Mrs. Clause. She’s just right at home in the situation, dog puppet and all (kids absolutely loved it, and even many adults thought it was real at first). 

Important Announcement: Shop Open!

I have been working SO hard on this lately, it’s nice to finally be able to share it with someone! It’s still a bit of a work in progress, so bear with me!

I finally opened the SBCC Shop. Right now, it’s stocked mostly with embellishments. Some will be familiar to everyone, but there are quite a few one-of-a-kind hand-made goodies in there, too! It’s worth a look (in my un-biased opinion….haha!).


     Please let me know if there’s anything specific you guys would like to see in there, and I will see what I can do! Oh….stamps are definitely coming, so keep an eye out for those!


Four Generations 6×6 Layout

     I would say this layout is very atypical of me. Flowers? Seriously? Not a fan.


     But I felt like this photo of four generations of my family called for something….softer. Not because they are soft women, because believe me…..they aren’t. But maybe because the concept is so fragile and lovely: Four crazy girls all laughing together in the front yard. It won’t last forever.
     Ugh. Sorry for bumming everyone out. =o p



Butterfly Stamp Give-Away Winner!




     And the winner is: eliseg!!

eliseg, I will email you letting you know. Thank you so much to everyone for trying, and please remember that I will be having at least two more stamp give-aways in the next few weeks, so please subscribe and/or check back!!

Baby Onesies

     One of my friends is having a baby! We’ve been friends for quite a while now, and she’s always wanted to be a mother. I am so happy for her!

     I thought I’d make her something special, so I decided on a hand-stitched, personalized onesie with the baby’s initial on it. And it turned out pretty cute. But it isn’t what this post is about.

    This post is about the two other onesies I made, because making hers was so much fun!

Bowtie Onesie at       Balloon Onesie at
They are here, in my store: Blue Bowtie, Three Balloons

     I plan to make my cousin’s daughter (first cousin, once removed, right?) a t-shirt of her own for her birthday this summer, but haven’t yet decided on a design. You can expect pictures once it’s done!