Project Life: Week 15

This was actually a busy week! It was Easter, which always means a big get-together for my boyfriend’s family, and we had a mid-week concert (OK Go).

Project Life 2015 Examples-016

I love the content of this layout; it captures some really happy times. Easter is always a fantastic time. The family is so hilarious and caring, and we got the best “family selfie” ever. The OK Go concert was amazingly well-done, and one of my top-five favorite concerts ever. I managed to snag one of each color of confetti they had, and stapled them onto a card for posterity! That’s the kind of thing I love to include in my albums: bits. Bits I find on the ground outside, bits I get from tours, etc. Ephemera is what makes my books so fat, but is also something that I never regret keeping.