Cheeto Album

Anyone who’s even briefly met me (or followed me on any kind of social media) knows that I love my dog, Cheeto. I am not a dog person, or even an animal person, but she’s really pretty cool….and I take a lot of pictures of her. What can I say, she’s adorable!

Many of these pictures are included in my weekly Project Life spreads, but I really wanted something special, just for pictures of her, that I could add to each year of her life. Also, I’ve managed to acquire a rather embarrassing amount of 4×4 albums, so I needed something to do with those, LOL. Thus, the Cheeto “puppy love” album was born:

Cheeto Album Cover

I always do my covers last, because they are the hardest part of an album for me, and I don’t know their “vibe” until I get a feel for the rest of the album, but…can I just say that I am proud of this one? Thank you.

The title page is a must for me in albums, because I don’t like just opening with a picture. The title page of this Cheeto album consists of a shaker…with some of her baby teeth in it. Creepy, maybe. But I’ve kept them for years, and I am glad I found something to do with them.

Cheeto Album Title Page

I decided to separate the album by the years of her life, just for fun. I used some clear 4×4 dividers with numbers on them, and also some plain Avery tabs with the years.

Cheeto Album Dividers and Tabs

I used a lot of simple embellishments, though the book is still pretty bulky, LOL. I just couldn’t resist using a few custom-made flair like the ones available in my shop, as I often do.

Cheeto Album Flair

I don’t have too much to say about most of the pages/photos. Her cuteness speaks for itself in most cases,and this isn’t really a book about stories so much as it is about memories. I just want to remember her funny little faces, her favorite activities, and her quirks forever, and have a book that documents them all as she acquires them.

Cheeto Album Page

Cheeto Album Spread
Thank you for looking, and I hope you enjoy her puppy face as much as I do!