Project Life: Week 3

I chose a 9×12 album this year because I found that 12×12 was just too much for me; I don’t have kids, am not married, work at home, etc. It was just too much pressure! But last year’s 6×8 was too small, even with a “spread” per week. I do have an adorable dog, travel somewhat regularly, and live in NYC, so….I do too much for 6×8. There were too many photos I couldn’t fit in, and I wasn’t using any of my pretty cards.

A two-page 9×12 spread per week has ended up being perfect. There’s enough room for lots of pictures on busy weeks, while still allowing me to use my (literally thousands) of Project Life cards so that each spread looks put-together and pretty, and isn’t just a mish-mash of a bunch of photos. I have absolutely loved the 9×12 format, and plan to stick with it for 2016.

Week 3 in my album is a great example of a slow week wherein I got to use a lot of cards to make a cohesive spread. I got a Studio Calico package, some flowers from my boss, but…not much else was going on, LOL.

Project Life 2015: Week 3

Weeks like this really capture why I love 9×12: It doesn’t have a lot of pictures, but it’s still pretty. I’m able to create a layout that I like to look at, rather than simply a layout that helps me reflect on what I was doing that week.