Project Life: 2015 Title Page (First Book)

I actually tried not to have two books this year…it’s part of the reason I went with 9×12 this year rather than 6×8, but…I’ve already had such a busy year, and I am such a die-hard ephemera-collector. So, two (fat) books it is, and here is the title page of the first one:

Project Life 2015 Cover (First Book)

Now, any of you who actually know me know that I hate the color navy. But I also listen to my heart when it speaks, LOL, and it just looooved the way that these cards and pictures looked together. Plus, who can pass up using a couple adorable Kelly Purkey cards, no matter how navy they are?

That “this year” card on the left is an ongoing list of things I will and won’t do this year. So far, I have kept true to the list, and just writing this post reminded me of a few “dos and don’ts” that I need to add to it!