Project Life: Week 29

I just could not get the pictures of the left side to turn out, so here’s one-half of my week 29 layout, LOL:

Project Life 2015

It was a pretty full week. We saw the Foo Fighters in concert at Citi Field, which was highly entertaining. Dave Grohl sure knows how to rock…obviously. On the “D is for…” card, I used the Kelly Purkey outline stamp set, which is one of my most intelligent purchases ever. It is the perfect size for Project Life cards, and comes with adorable little “filler” patterns. I also bought the matching filler alphabet (called Damen), and feel equally strongly about how perfect it is.

I also got to use a self-made flair here, and I love it. Nothing could be more appropriate, and I am so glad it found its rightful home, LOL.

Project Life: Week 15

This was actually a busy week! It was Easter, which always means a big get-together for my boyfriend’s family, and we had a mid-week concert (OK Go).

Project Life 2015 Examples-016

I love the content of this layout; it captures some really happy times. Easter is always a fantastic time. The family is so hilarious and caring, and we got the best “family selfie” ever. The OK Go concert was amazingly well-done, and one of my top-five favorite concerts ever. I managed to snag one of each color of confetti they had, and stapled them onto a card for posterity! That’s the kind of thing I love to include in my albums: bits. Bits I find on the ground outside, bits I get from tours, etc. Ephemera is what makes my books so fat, but is also something that I never regret keeping.

Woohoo for Me! I Am on the rukristin Creative Team!

rukristin Creative TeamI have been so excited but couldn’t really tell anyone until today: I have been selected to be on the rukristin Creative Team! This is really fun for me, being my first creative team membership, and I am seriously jazzed to be creating projects to showcase current and upcoming rukristin product lines, because her stuff is downright adorable, in the most badass of ways.

And I couldn’t be more “behind” a team; Kristin has a great attitude toward scrapbooking, art, women, and humans in general.

So, keep your eye on my work here, in the rukristin shop and its newsletter, and on the @rukristin_shop Instagram account! I should be making some fun (and funky) things!

Project Life: Week 3

I chose a 9×12 album this year because I found that 12×12 was just too much for me; I don’t have kids, am not married, work at home, etc. It was just too much pressure! But last year’s 6×8 was too small, even with a “spread” per week. I do have an adorable dog, travel somewhat regularly, and live in NYC, so….I do too much for 6×8. There were too many photos I couldn’t fit in, and I wasn’t using any of my pretty cards.

A two-page 9×12 spread per week has ended up being perfect. There’s enough room for lots of pictures on busy weeks, while still allowing me to use my (literally thousands) of Project Life cards so that each spread looks put-together and pretty, and isn’t just a mish-mash of a bunch of photos. I have absolutely loved the 9×12 format, and plan to stick with it for 2016.

Week 3 in my album is a great example of a slow week wherein I got to use a lot of cards to make a cohesive spread. I got a Studio Calico package, some flowers from my boss, but…not much else was going on, LOL.

Project Life 2015: Week 3

Weeks like this really capture why I love 9×12: It doesn’t have a lot of pictures, but it’s still pretty. I’m able to create a layout that I like to look at, rather than simply a layout that helps me reflect on what I was doing that week.

Project Life: 2015 Title Page (First Book)

I actually tried not to have two books this year…it’s part of the reason I went with 9×12 this year rather than 6×8, but…I’ve already had such a busy year, and I am such a die-hard ephemera-collector. So, two (fat) books it is, and here is the title page of the first one:

Project Life 2015 Cover (First Book)

Now, any of you who actually know me know that I hate the color navy. But I also listen to my heart when it speaks, LOL, and it just looooved the way that these cards and pictures looked together. Plus, who can pass up using a couple adorable Kelly Purkey cards, no matter how navy they are?

That “this year” card on the left is an ongoing list of things I will and won’t do this year. So far, I have kept true to the list, and just writing this post reminded me of a few “dos and don’ts” that I need to add to it!

No. I DON’T Love Pumpkin Spice….Anything

I know it’s that time of year. I know it’s a popular flavor. But I have never, never been into pumpkin spice…anything. Not lattes, not cake, not candles. And since I couldn’t find a card that accurately represented my distaste for the pumpkin-spiced things of the world, I made my own!


But for the many….many of you who DO love PSL, etc….I made you one, too!



You should be able to click on the images, then right-click and “Save Image” or “Save As…” from there. But if you can’t, I made some buttons below, too:


“Dream Autobiography” Mini-Album

For this year’s fantastic Find Your Voice class over at rukristin’s page, I got to contribute a lesson project. And when I found out which one I got assigned (Lesson Five: Document Your Dream Autobiography), I was overjoyed. It was the one I was hoping for, and I already had an idea for it: a mini-album full of highlights from my life!

Album Cover

I already gave you guys a sneak peek of the cover a little while ago, but now that the class is over, I can go ahead and post some of the internal pages, like the “title page,” which I have to admit, I absolutely love.

Title Page

The first layout features a picture of my mom and me, my number-one favorite person in the world. It also features a self-made flair, the likes of which you can find in my shop.

First PageThere were quite a few pages, but I realize that you all surely have lives of your own to attend to, so I will cut it short, haha. My non-traditional Las Vegas 21st birthday party had to be included, though.

Lucky 21

And the beginnings of my relationship with my favorite guy:

Me and JoshI really enjoyed working on this project, and the whole Find Your Voice class in general. It’s a great concept, included some great ladies, and I can safely say I never would have done this project if it weren’t for being assigned it. But it became one of my all-time favorite projects ever, and I plan to continue adding to it as events occur in my life!

My Find Your Voice Lesson is Up!

My contribution to the Find Your Voice 2015 class is now up! Remember, it is totally free, so there’s no reason not to join in!

Album Cover

It is an autobiography mini-album (cover shown above), with way too many pages to post them all, haha. But go check it out; I think it turned out pretty cute (if I do say so myself)!

I will be posting some pictures of the mini-album here in a few weeks, but my break-down of the pages won’t be included. So if you have any interest in my crafting or my personal life story, head on over to Find Your Voice for a little look-see.

Jury Duty Mini-Album

In the dead of a terrible New York City winter, something terrible arrived at my door: A jury summons! I had just been unemployed for five months…why couldn’t I get jury duty THEN?!

Anyway, I actually wasn’t that bummed, and my job was really cool about it. Long story short, I waited to be questioned and selected as a juror longer than I actually sat in the trial, LOL. Yay for settling out of court!

However, the whole thing was so interesting (and so little truly “happens” to me) that I decided to make a mini-album of Instax pictures and notes on the experience.

IMG_4050-2 I included a brief summary of the case, and pictures of the courthouses and rooms we were in.


I took pictures of the lawyers and the judge (…all of whom acted like I was insane. One lawyer said, “I have been a lawyer for over 25 years, and no one has ever asked for my photo.” I didn’t even tell him how downright sad that sounded). I got a photo of all my fellow jurors (and the court officer!), and recorded as many of their names as I knew/remembered.


I also used a pocket in the mini-album to store my juror certificate, so I won’t have to do any of it again for another six years, haha!