Jul 162014

Week 27 on shaynebundy.com/blog

     A clean and simple week. With a lot of green! I’m not really a fan of green, but hey…Central Park is green. What can ya do, lol?

     I am still loving my typewriter. It gives layouts such a “clean” look, and I can fit more text on journaling cards than my over-sized and illegible handwriting would allow.

     I do truly love this system of scrapbooking. It makes even MY life seem worthy of documenting, when you can just slap four pictures and one journaling card into some sleeves, LOL. And there’s always a little bit of room for creativity…if I’m in the mood, haha!

Jul 142014

Week 26 on shaynebundy.com/blog

     Yes, I may be one of the worst bloggers ever, lol. But hey, I only do one Project Life layout per week, so I usually only have one real “craft” project to post per week! However, I am working on creating more…it always makes me feel relaxed and productive at the same time, which is a rare combination for me.

     I am still running strong on this vellum kick. The “today is” section is some stamped vellum, embossed in white, and I loooove it.

     For those who care, the job search is going…oddly, haha. I don’t have much else to say about that, but everyone wish me luck! Hopefully, whatever job I get doesn’t detract too much from my crafting time (which is mostly nights and weekends anyway).

Jul 032014

Love 6x8 Layout on SBCC

     Ugh it’s been so long since I made a layout (other than PL). I’ve been surprisingly busy since quitting my job! And yet somehow surprisingly…UN-creative. Only in the past seven days or so have I felt the least bit inspired.

     I took that tiny bit of creative inspiration and made this 6×8 layout of my mom’s dog Mowgli on the beach here in NYC. Gold sure is hard to photograph, eh? I also got to use one of my new stamps (“this was”), and I am just in love with it. So versatile. I might make some more and put them up for sale in the shop, so if anyone has any interest, let me know!

Jun 162014

     I LOVE wood veneer bits. Love, love, love. But…they are brown, lol. Can’t avoid it; wood is brown, and therefore wood veneer bits are brown.
     And yes, I have inked them, embossed them, and colored them with markers. But I’ve never painted them using acrylic paints.
     And I love how parts of each bit are masked off. I just might be trying this sometime this week!

Jun 152014


     Another week in the book(s). Week 24 was actually my birthday week, but the weather was so terrible that we didn’t get to do much! Oh well; we’re doing the true celebrating next weekend anyway. There will certainly be a post about that!
     I am truly finding that the 6×8 format makes me feel more creative. Since I feel less pressured to “fill,” I am spending more time decorating (and that’s the fun part!).
     And I just realized that I used an “xoxo!!!” card in last week’s spread, too, LOL. Eh, well. It was one of the few purple-ish cards I had, so it made it in.


     This beautiful vellum overlay was inspired by tracyxo.com. I had actually made something similar a couple weeks ago with different text, but using the “i love” from the Project Life Sunshine kit hadn’t occurred to me, and it’s absolutely wonderful!


     And here’s a close-up of that embossed Instagram-y camera. I have been saving that thing for a while, but it fit so perfectly here. And I have GOT to stop hoarding. So, into the book it goes.