Apr 152014


     Ah, the Day of a Thousand Squeaks, lol. My mom’s little Yorkie is insane about squeak-toys, and will chase them and squeak them for hours straight.
     This layout is really just a celebration of how much he enjoys playing, and how adorable he is.
     Have I ever mentioned that I used to hate rub-ons? That’s right; I just didn’t get it. Why not just make them stickers? …Now I get it. I love them. I used two on this page, and have been using them regularly in the past couple layouts. Never thought they’d win me over!

Apr 122014

     Am I the only person who gets really, genuinely excited about this?! I just feel so…validated when I see something *I* made get pinned by a site that has SO many gallery submissions each day. I’m not trying to brag, mostly just to share how grateful and honored I really am each time I get a “The Peas Are So Inspiring” pin!

     (Here’s the pin, if anyone cares, LOL)

Apr 112014

     My mom is visiting from Nevada for the entire month of April, which always puts me in a good mood. Coincidentally (and luckily!), there was also a new LEGO store opening nearby on her first weekend here! Obviously, we had to go (she’s a life-long LEGO fan).


     Amidst all the other happenings at the grand opening, a LEGO Master Builder was present. When we saw a photo opportunity, we headed over to his little pedestal. He noticed, and posed for a picture, and even reached out to shake her hand! Needless to say, she was overjoyed. He seemed amused that we would be so excited, but there are only eight Master Builders in the whole world!
     We had a wonderful time and got many limited-edition, location-specific LEGOs…and many more “normal” LEGOs. Let’s just say: She’s been putting together sets since Sunday evening, and is only about half-way through, haha!

Apr 062014


    I went to the first surprise party of my life in October of 2013. It was held for my boyfriend’s grandma, in honor of her 75th birthday, and it was really a blast. I got to design the invites, and everyone loved them, which was fun and flattering (the best kind of fun, haha!).
    Anyway, that’s what this layout is all about. I wanted to make it bright and cheerful, because that’s exactly how the event felt. The guest of honor was so surprised and pleased, and all her friends and family were so fun and pleasant.


    I included a close-up of the background, because since it is white-on-white, you can’t really see the circle die-cut too well in the “overall” picture. I got the “wonky circles” pattern here for free, so definitely check it out!

Apr 042014

     So, this amazing idea came out. Little stickers that let you put anything into your albums without having to punch holes in it. First (at least as far as I know), they were stickers. Then Studio Calico released a die set. And then Shayne was like, “Uhm….I could make those on my Silhouette Cameo.”
     And so I did. I designed some that were a little smaller, since most of the things I would want to “attach” would be pretty small (cards, invites, etc.).
     The best part of this story is that I am giving my design away for free! It is a .studio file, so you’ll need the Silhouette Studio software (and any Silhouette machine) to use it. But, here it is!

Download153 downloads

Apr 012014


     Another 8.5×11 layout! Yes, I am really trying to embrace them. I even went a bought an album specifically for them, whereas before I was kinda planning on just putting them in my extra 12×12 Project Life plastics. But no! I bought them their own album!
     This page is a pretty direct scrap-lift of this layout. Unfortunately, I feel like it just doesn’t live up to its inspiration! I am still figuring out what size of picture is best for 8.5×11 pages.
     Oh, and I had to do the type-written journaling on another sheet of paper because I kinda didn’t remember it until everything was already glued down, lol. I really need to keep journaling in the front of my mind when I am designing, so I can avoid issues like that!

Mar 312014


     Soooo….my first-EVER 8.5×11 layout! And I don’t totally hate it, which is a good start, lol.

     The reason I have been sticking with smaller layouts is two-fold:
       A) They’re easier to share and store.
       B) Larger layouts intimidated me.

     This weekend, totally on a whim, I went with 8.5×11 and just…did it. And I did have to think about it a lot, because most of my embellishments are so tiny. I have focused almost entirely on buying Project Life-sized bits and bobs, so trying to find something that would be “visible” on a larger page was a little tough.
     Luckily….this gives me a reason to buy more embellishments, right? Haha!

Mar 302014

     Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am not a hiker. I actually don’t own any tennis shoes. Because if I can’t wear my glittery flats there, I’m not going there. And that’s pretty much how I live my life.

     However, in 2012, a friend asked me to go to the Garlic Festival near Woodstock, NY. It sounded interesting (and it was…), so I went. The Garlic Festival is…a sight to see. Garlic-scented candles, garlic-flavored ice cream….and even garlic donuts. Garlic jelly! It was quite the event.
     Part of the adventure was seeing the Kaaterskill Falls, in the Catskill Mountains. Which involved hiking. Which, as previously stated, I don’t really do. So, here’s a layout with a rare sight: Me, hiking. And yes, those are glittery Toms knock-offs I am wearing. They were are the closest thing I have to tennis shoes!