My Find Your Voice Lesson is Up!

My contribution to the Find Your Voice 2015 class is now up! Remember, it is totally free, so there’s no reason not to join in!

Album Cover

It is an autobiography mini-album (cover shown above), with way too many pages to post them all, haha. But go check it out; I think it turned out pretty cute (if I do say so myself)!

I will be posting some pictures of the mini-album here in a few weeks, but my break-down of the pages won’t be included. So if you have any interest in my crafting or my personal life story, head on over to Find Your Voice for a little look-see.

Jury Duty Mini-Album

In the dead of a terrible New York City winter, something terrible arrived at my door: A jury summons! I had just been unemployed for five months…why couldn’t I get jury duty THEN?!

Anyway, I actually wasn’t that bummed, and my job was really cool about it. Long story short, I waited to be questioned and selected as a juror longer than I actually sat in the trial, LOL. Yay for settling out of court!

However, the whole thing was so interesting (and so little truly “happens” to me) that I decided to make a mini-album of Instax pictures and notes on the experience.

IMG_4050-2 I included a brief summary of the case, and pictures of the courthouses and rooms we were in.


I took pictures of the lawyers and the judge (…all of whom acted like I was insane. One lawyer said, “I have been a lawyer for over 25 years, and no one has ever asked for my photo.” I didn’t even tell him how downright sad that sounded). I got a photo of all my fellow jurors (and the court officer!), and recorded as many of their names as I knew/remembered.


I also used a pocket in the mini-album to store my juror certificate, so I won’t have to do any of it again for another six years, haha!

Concert Mini-Album

Since I started dating my current boyfriend just over two years ago, we have attended quite a few concerts. He is a big supporter of live music, and is signed up for tour date newsletters that I didn’t even know existed.
Anyway, to document each concert separately from my weekly Project Life albums, and in greater detail, I made a concert mini-album. I chose a little grey 4×4 album, and it is absolutely perfect. I have yet to decorate the cover, LOL.

IMG_4046-2 For each concert, I usually put in one 4×4 picture of the performers themselves, and one 4×4 journaling card I designed, detailing the artist, venue, date, and the setlist (where available. I should really take notes while at the concert).


For anyone who might be interested, I have included below two different versions of the journaling card:

One is a printable PDF of a grey card, sized 4×4. I included this in PDF format because the fonts I used are probably not owned by everyone. This way, you can have a card that looks exactly like the ones I used.

The other file is the .studio file for the journaling card, so you can change the color, etc. yourself, and print it. You must have the Silhouette Studio software to open this file, but it is free, and you do not have to have a Silhouette machine to use it. You can just print it and cut it out yourself! Keep in mind that the .studio file uses fonts that I own, so you may have to change the font to something on your own computer in order for it to display properly.

Mom’s London Mini-Album

When my mom saw my 6×8 London mini-album, she loved the idea and wanted one of her own. 6×8 was a little too big for her to pack home from NYC, so we decided on an adorable purple polka-dot 4×4 album instead.

Stonehenge Grass

Stonehenge Grass

I went pretty minimal with embellishing, because she really just wanted photos of us abroad, not a whole lot of decoration. The most important thing for her was that she knew the date and location of each picture, and my “feelings” on each site we visited (which is such a “mom” request, lol).

In order to keep things clear and simple, I opted to arrange the photos chronologically, with each day of our trip divided by a clear acrylic number page. Then, every few pages, I inserted a 4×4 journaling card with the details of the location and how I “felt” about it.

Notre-Dame Window

Notre-Dame Window + Acrylic Overlay

This was actually a great exercise for me, because my own mini-album didn’t have too much journaling…there were too many pictures, lol! To write out how I “felt” about each site was a perfect way to reflect on the beauty of the trip, and on the fantastic diversity of the sites we visited.


Oh Man. Flair.

Someone got a professional button-maker for her birthday (spoiler alert: it was me), and has gone a bit crazy making scrapbooking flair and pins.

 Flair-3765         Flair-3863
But OMG, the possibilities are endless.

You know those times when you want a flair that says “WTF?” It happens to me a lot. And now, I can have one!

Red WTF? Flair
And so can you! I’ve listed some flair in my Etsy store, so check it out if you need something funky in your life!

Handmade D&D Crafts

Almost a year ago now, my friends and I started playing D&D 5th edition. I wasn’t sure it was something I’d really be into (no imagination over here), but it sounded like a good excuse to make cute things.

8-15-2014 10-59-37 AM

Indeed it was, and as the Dungeon Master, I have made dice bags, stickers, monster miniatures, shirts, full-size maps, and will soon be making pins/buttons (more on that laaaaater!).

8-18-2014 11-33-33 AM

An ogre, a beholder, and a giant spider, all hand-painted by lil’ ol’ me.

We have a really great time playing, and everyone seems thoroughly amused by whatever I come up with for each get-together.

Find Your Voice Kits Almost Gone!

Oh man, I just learned that the Find Your Voice kits are almost gone! I am so glad I grabbed my Insta-Kits last week (more with that later!).

Still remaining are the Embellishment Kit and the Main Kit:

Again, the beautiful thing about this class is that it is free. FREEEE. And you do not need anything special to participate! But I know there are those of us who just…like paper. And albums. And vellum hearts. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Go get ’em, ladies!

London 2015 Mini-Album

I was recently lucky enough to take a week-long trip to London. We crammed so much activity into that one week that I feel like I am still processing everything that happened, lol.

We took a day-tour to Windsor Castle, Bath, and Stonehenge; made a visit to the Warner Bros. studios for the Harry Potter experience; visited Hampton Court Palace; and then of course did the “in-town” tourist sites such as Kensington Palace, the British Museum (Rosetta Stone, bitches!), Big Ben and Winchester, etc. Not to mention our day-trip to Paris, France!!



The whole vacation was absolutely breathtaking (and not just because of the miles and miles we walked…11 miles in Paris alone). I love to travel, and have really only recently been in a position to do so regularly.

4-10-2015 6-06-56 PM

Obviously, for a trip as long as a week, I just had to make a mini-album. I had over 1,000 pictures! I knew it had to be big enough to hold plenty of pictures (and don’t even get me started on the physical memorabilia), so I went with a 6×8 album. The one I chose was a red faux leather one by Becky Higgins, but a couple different companies make 6×8 albums and page protectors.

I used felt to decorate the front in the design of the British flag. Working with felt is kind of a new thing for me, but I am proud of the way it turned out, and it wasn’t too difficult at all! Felt is pretty forgiving.

Find Your Voice 2015!


I am so super-stoked to announce that I will be both a Project Lesson Contributor and a Guest Instagrammer for rukristin’s Find Your Voice 2.0 class this summer! I am truly flattered, and can’t wait to make some great projects that help my fellow scrapbookers continue finding their “voice.”

This six-week workshop is entirely free, so you should absolutely go check it out. Can’t wait to see you all there!